WELCOME TO Off the Beaten Track A space we dedicate to celebrating the life and the many loves of Siddharth a.k.a Syd or Phugga or Mithoo. A force of nature who lived his life to the fullest every day, a gypsy spirit who had “Everywhere” stamped across the “Places I’d like to visit” section in his diaries, a biker, a food lover, a movie buff, the life of every party; the 3-am friend to everyone that knew him, and above all a devoted son and a loving brother. This endeavour is our way of keeping the spirit of his bright, adventurous legacy alive.Siddharth bulit relationships and made friends easily. You wanted him and he was there.”We earnestly invite friends and family to write and share their experiences with Syd”Please Email Us Your Anecdotes On sydsaroj@gmail.com and kedar_singh00@yahoo.co.in

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