This is a dessert dish usually consumed in the winter. It takes half an hour to prepare.

The ingredients for six to eight persons are.

100 grams almonds

100 grams cashews

100 grams walnut

50 grams pistachios

50 grams raisins

4 green cardamons in powdered form

a few stamens of saffron 50 grams of sugar

1 tablespoon ghee, One cup milk

Wash and keep the almonds soaked in water overnight. Remove its skin and grind it with the other dry fruits (cashews, walnut, raisins and pistachios) in cold milk. Place this in a pan or wok (kadai) with one tablespoon only of ghee.  Add sugar and cook in medium heat. Sir continuously until the mixture begins to dry. Add the cardomom and stamens of saffron. It will give off an enticing aroma as it begins to dry. Note: It is best to stir the stamens of saffron in a large spoon with hot milk and then add to the mixture. This will enhance the aroma and also lend colour to the halwa. The dish is ready to eat. Serve hot or cold.
Note: The dist requires only a little ghee and is a power punch of nutirition (protein, minerals, vitamins , and good fat). We recommend it for the winter