This is a relatively healthy sweet dish. It takes a jiffy (twenty minutes) to prepare and needs minimal ingredients

The ingredients for four persons are:

2 cups of whole wheat flour – atta (300 grams)
3/4 cup sugar (100 gm); 1/2 cup ghee; 1.5 cups water
4 green cardamoms in powdered form
Raisins 30 (optional).


Place this a pan or wok (kadai) with gheee on medium heat. When the pan is hot and the ghee melted and hot, add atta (whole wheat flour). Stir continuously with a spatula   on low to medium flame. Do this for approximately 10 minutes so that the atta becomes golden brown. Add sugar and water and contue to stir vigourously. The flame is medium to low. Add cardoamom powder. The mixutre  begins to dry and give off an enticing aroma. One can see some melted ghee on the sides. This takes about ten minutes. Halwa is ready.

The dish is ready to eat. Serve hot or cold.

This requires nil ingredients to be fetched from the market. It is popular in rural households in our villages since they all have atta, sugar and ghee in some measure. It is a life saver when guests arrive unannounced.