chana-paratha-ingredientsThis is a main dish and takes 40 minutes to prepare.

The ingredients for 5 persons

200 gram chana dal  (1 cup gram lentil)
Two cups whole wheat flour
One teaspoon powder of roasted cumin seeds
Half a teaspoon red chilly powder
2-3 tablespoon desi ghee for making 15 parathas
Salt to taste

Boil chana dal till they are soft. Drain and mash till into a paste. Add salt and the powdered roasted cumin seeds. Mix well. Scoop the paste into a bowl.

Knead whole wheat flour in water and divide it into 15 to 20 small spherical  portions. Shape each of these portions into a cup and in each add one teaspoon  of the chana dal paste. Use a rolling pin to roll it into paratha shapes.

Cook the parathas on a griddle (tawa) heated by a low regulated flame. Use minimal ghee to do so.

The parathas are ready to eat. You may savour them better with sweet and sour tomoto chutney or tangy tomator chutney and mango picke whose recipes we have already provided. You may also try them with curd.

chana-paratha-under-preparation chana-paratha-ready-to-eat