Cocunut-Balls-Ready-to-EatThis is a mouth watering desert dish. There is a smaller but similar sized dish from Colombia, South America called “besitos de coco” or “kisses of coconut” and that would be an appropriate name for this dish too. It and takes an half an hour to prepare.

The ingredients for 25 small size laddoos.

2 Coconuts
400 gram Nestle Milkmaid container or equivalent
4 green cardamom in powdered form
10 strands of saffron
Raisins (optional)



Grate the coconut. Place it in a deep pan (kadia or wok) alogn with the milkmaid on medium heat. Keep stirring continuously. The milkmaid will melt and the contiunous stirring will yield a consistent mixture. Add cardamom, saffron and raisins. Raise to high heat while continuing to stir. When the mixture forms a consistent blob and no longer sticks to the pan, then turn the heat off. Let it cool. Make round balls.

The dish is ready to ear.