Here is a dish which tastes good, is rich in protein, but is intended also as a practical joke. DHOKA means HOAX albeit a friendly one. A well made DHOKA inspite of being a vegetarian dish is indistinguishable from a gravied dish of fish.

Dhoka :

The ingredients for this dish for 4 persons are

Firstly :

  • 2 cups of gram flour (besan).
  • 1.5 cups water,
  • Spices to put in besan
  • Half teapsoon each of garlic paste and coriander powder and quarter teaspoon each of garam masala and chilli powder.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Half cup mustard oil.

Method : Mix well the besam, water and spices. Heat a pan or small wok with one teaspoon mustard oil in it. Put the mixture into the hot pan and stir contdinuously for 5 to 10 minutes so that you get a good consistency. Spread this mixture onto a flat oiled (mustard oil) tray and let it harden a bit for say 5 minutes. Use a spatula during the hardening process to make the mixture smooth and flat and say anwhere from half to one inch. Use to knife to cut it into small square pieces so that it appears to be the pieces of a fish.Secondly, deep fry these pieces in mustard oil. You can use the pan or wok used earlier. Thirdly, the Gravy.