If there is any place we would rather be, the next day after a crazy Saturday night party, it is this. That’s what our weekends looked like for almost three years. Well of course, after I was removed from the ‘Bhabhi ma’ zone and promoted to the ‘friend zone’! The perfect remedy to a spinning head was our cozy late Sunday morning breakfast at Meena’s point, owned by an amicable and loud Meena aunty who would feed us delicious homely-flavored delicacies. The menu comprises of typical ghar-ka-khana recipes covering the flavors of north, south, east and west. From aalo parantha, chhole parantha to dosa, idli sambhar and from missal pav to omelets and keema pav, you have it all. To add to the nostalgia, you have masala maggi – your childhood favorite.

Apart from a wide range of eatables to choose from, there is no dearth of thirst quenchers either. We have our very traditional nimbu paani and kokam sharbat. The bitter sweet cold coffee which is uncle’s special is my personal favorite. And all this at a pretty reasonable price, we ‘gareeb janta’ could spare after splurging the night before at T-Oaks or the like.

What makes an ordinary brmeena-tstalleakfast joint even special is the jovial ambience and the home-like hospitality we receive from the staff. Consider yourself lucky if you get an earful from Meena aunty over the most unexpected things. (For instance, a leftover drumstick from your sambhar *read exaggeration*) This only shows that you are in her good books and that you will extra stuffing in your aaloo parantha.

Whatever you want to eat can be customized to suit your palette. Everything is cooked with a lot of love. But if you are looking for consistency in taste and instant serving, this is not the place for you. You go here to chillax, catch up with fiends, chitter-chatter for hours. Our usual breakfast escapades at Meena’s point last nothing less than 2.5-3 hours, wherein everyone moves their lazy bum, sloth their way out of bed and comes here to laze more, over a slow-paced extended breakfast with unnecessary banter to keep you going through the week