This is a genuine, low calorie and healthy side dish to go along with your appetizers. It goes well with breadsticks, carrrot and cucumber sticks, nachos or whatever. Draining the water from the curd takes a couple of hours but the actual making is less than 15 minutes.

saute-yogurt-dip-ingredientsMain ingredient
Yogurt (Curd)  400gm

Other ingredients
2 medium size green chillies chopped.
One medium size onion finely minced.
Half teaspoon mustard seeds.
One teaspoon mustard or refined oil.
Salt to taste.

Mustard oil to mix the ingredients

draining-yogurtMethod: This is in two stages, the first passive and the second active.

The Passive Draining Stage: Tie the curd up in a thin cotton or muslin cloth and hang it so that the moisture drains for a couple of hours. This is a passive process

The Active Stage: Heat the oil in a wok or pan, put mustard seeds and fry the minced onion and chilly in it till the onion is light brown. Add salt as per taste. Scoop the yogurt from the cloth on to a bowl and beat it with a spoon churning it over and over unitl you get a smooth texture. Add the contents of the pan to the yogurt and mix well with the same spoon. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes. The Yogurt Dip is ready.

Remarks:  At one point Saroj (Syd’s mother) got into an inventive and fusion mode. So she whipped up this genuine, low calorie and healthy side dish. It became a favourite of Kedar and Syd and and because of its healthy character it became popular with all friends of Syd’s parents in the IIIT Kanpur campus.