“”Do Not Follow Where The Path May Lead, Go Instead Where There Is No Path And Leave A Trail.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

These words epitomise everything that Siddharth stood for.

Planning a trek? Modest support is possible from the kitty that Siddharth left behind. Currently we are working out the modalities for this.”

Here is what we have done since Nov 2015

Siddharth Scholarship for Treks via YHAI




Gift to Goonj

Anti Noise Pollution Poster (Hindi)

Sponsorhip May14 2017 Dobhi (Manali) and Mumbai

Sponsorship May 14, 2018 Dobhi (Kulu Manali), Mumbai & Our Village

YHAI Acknowledgement 2018

Sponsorship May 14 2019 Dobhi (Kullu-Manali) Mumbai & Our Village

Cheque to YHAI May 14 2019

Cheque to YHAI May 14 2020