sindhi-achaar-readyWe learnt this recipe from a kind Sindhi lady and so we also call it Sindhi Achaar

— Syd’s mother


The ingredients for large sized jarful of pickle

1 kg raw mangoes

50 gm garlic

50 gm green chilly

400 gm sugar

50 gm ready mix achaar masala.

2 tablespoon vinegar

1/2 teaspoon turmeric

50 gm mustard oil.

One teaspoon salt.

Method: Peel the raw mangoes and cut it into small slivers. Mix turmeric and salt and leave it in the open for three hours in a large tray. Cut the garlic into small dot like pieces. Cut the green chilly into 1 cm pieces. Remove the mango from the tray, dry it and let it in the open once again under a fan to dry for an hour. Mix the garlic, green chilly, sugar, ready mix masala and mustard oil with it.

ingredients-sindhi-achaarmango-turmetic-salt-mixCover the entire mixture with muslin and let it dry in the sunshine for three days. Stir the mixture occasionally during this period.

Mix the vinegar and store in a glass jar.