Kachaudi-ready-to-eatThis is also a winter dish since green peas is available in this season. It takes 30 minutes to prepare.

Hara Matar ki Kachaudi

The ingredients for 5 persons


500 gm shelled hara matar (green pea)

Two cups whole wheat flour

Two green chillies and 8 segments (carpels) of garlic

One teaspoon powder of roasted cumin seeds

2 teaspoon mustard oil (this is for cooking the green peas)

1 cup cooking oil (vegetable or olive etc) or ghee (this is for deep frying the kachaudi).

Salt to taste


Take two teaspoon of mustard oil in a pan or a wok and heat. Add the green chillies and 8 carpels of garlic. When these turn brown then add the green peas, salt and roasted cumin powder. Cook the peas till they are soft. Now put it in a blender without water. Spin till you get a fine paste. Scoop the paste into a bowl.

Knead whole wheat flour in water and divide it into 15 to 20 small spherical portions. Shape each of these portions into a cup and in each add one teaspoon of the green pea paste. Use a rolling pin to roll it into small round puris (discs).

Heat the cooking oil or ghee in deep pan or wok. Add the puris one at a time and fry till both sides are light brown. Note that the flame must be medium, not too high and not too low. Strain the puri (the proper name is khachaudi) and put it on a plate one at a time.

The khachaudis are ready to eat and you may savour them better with the sweet and sour tomato chutney whose recipe we have provided.Kachaudi-hara-matar-pasteKachaudi-hara-matar-ingredients