Gud Pitta [Sweet Rice Dumplings]                                                             Succulent Gud Pitta

succulent gud pitta

This is the Bhojpuri or “rude food” version of the Maharashtrian Modak.


Flour of freshly harvested rice [3 cups]

Jaggery also called Gud [Half cup]

Take rice flour, add equal amount of boiling water and knead it into a dough. Divide it into dozen balls. Take the jaggery and mash it. Take each ball, flatten it into disc and add a small amount of jaggery on top of it. Enclose the jaggery inside the rice dough – a round shape is desirable but not mandatory. This is the pitta or sweet rice dumpling. Take a deep pan. Coat the bottom with ghee or oil (alternatively use non-stick pan). Add one litre of water and bring it to a boil. gud pitta in boiling water

Gently add the pitta and let it stay for 5 minutes. Remove it. This way you can cook the pitta in two or three batches. Eat it warm so that the jaggery stays in a juicy form and is irrestible.

stuffing gud pitta                                         Gud Pitta boiling

Note: Do not stuff too much jaggery or the dumpling will fall apart during cooking. You could add the aethetics such as a nice design using a modak mould, cardamom to the jaggery etc but it is best eaten in the spare form described above..

  Stuffing Gud Pitta

Interestingly this dish is made in the winter season since the rice has been freshly harvested and so is the sugracane from which gud is made. Freshly harvested rice is to be used since it has a fresh mildly sweet flour (mithaas in Hindi) and the mould from it is sticky as desired.