Flour of freshly harvested rice [4 cups]

One teaspoon ajwain seeds.

Half teaspoon nigella seeds (kallounji or mangrail).

Salt to taste

This is a ready to eat snack.

Take 4 cups rice and wash it well. Let it dry in sun and fresh air. Grind it to fine flour. Seive it to make ensure fineness. Take four cups water and put it to boil. Separately mix well the rice flour in four cups of room temperature water. Add this mixture tot the boiling water. Add salt, ajwain and nigella seeds (kallounji or mangrail) and stir keep stirring the mixture continuously. This should be continued for about ten minutes till you get a semi solid paste.

rice-crispies-1-making the pasteSmall balls of it are patiently laid out on a spread out plastic sheet spoonfull by spoonful. This takes time. Ideally one uses a thin mattress made of palm leaves to spread it out but one may not always have this handy; hence the plastic sheet. This should get baked in the sun for two days. Note the balls must get completely dry otherwise they will cling to the mattress (or plastic sheet).

The rice crispies are deep fried and and can be had over tea as a snack or a meal as a tastier equivalent of papad. They must be kept in a dry closed contarice-crispies-2 laying it for dryinginer and wiil stay for over a year.

Three pictures: Rice Chips 1 making the paste

Rice Chips 2 laying it for drying

Rice Chips 3 fried.