Sesame Crispies [Tillouri]

[Note: Flax Crispies [Tissouri] is prepared similarly]


Sesame Seeds 200 grams

Masoor Dal [Red Lentils] 300 grams

One teaspoon ajwain seeds.

Salt to taste

This is a ready to eat snack.

Keep Masoor Dal in water for 4 to 5 hours and then grind it to a paste. Mix the other ingredients in to it. Small balls of it are patiently laid on a spread out plastic sheet spoonful by spoonful. This takes time. Ideally one uses a thin mattress made of palm leaves to spread it out but one may not always have this handy; hence the plastic sheet. This should get baked in the sun for two days. Note the balls must get completely dry otherwise they will cling to the mattress (or plastic sheet).

The sesame crispies are deep fried or roasted and and can be had over tea as a snack or in a meal as a tastier equivalent of papad. They must be kept in a dry closed container and will stay for over a year.

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