Puffed Rice {Mudi or Kurmura] 500 grams

Jaggery 250 grams

This is usually made around Makar Sankranti (January 14]

Add two table spoons of water to jaggery. Heat it over low flame until it melts. You need to melt it to what we call a single strand syrup (ek chas). This means that after you dip your thumb and index finger into the syrup, then pinch them together and separate them gently – a single viscous strand will be formed between them. A more viscous syrup will make multiple strands (do chas, teen chas ..). The puffed rice is kept in a large plate and the hot melted jaggery is poured onto it. Immediately thereafter you mould the mixture into large balls. Timing is important and painful as it may be, you must start moulding the mixture into spherical shape as soon as you pour the hot jiggery onto the puffed rice.

You can have them as they are. Or put a couple in hot milk and have them for breakfast. Or have them with curd.

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