This is a winter dish popular with rural folks. It takes 30 minutes to prepare.

Hara Matar ki Khichdi

The ingredients for 5 persons


500 gm shelled hara matar (green pea)

One cup small grain rice.

One onion, one tomato, one red chilly and 3 segments (carpels) of garlic

2 teaspoon cooking oil (olive or mustard or vegetable, any will do)

Half teaspoon each of turmeric, coriander and garam masala

Quarter teaspoon of chilly powder

Salt to taste


Wash the rice and keep it aside. Heat the pan. Pour the two teaspoon cooking oil and add onion, red chilly and garlic and fry till light brown. Add tomato and hara matar (green pea) along with tthe spices and salt. Cook the hara matar (green pea). Then turn off the heat and let the ingredients cool. Pour the ingredients into a blender till you get a paste.

Now take the rice in a cooking vessel (e.g. pressure cooker) and add the paste prepared above along with 4 cups of water. Cook till you get the semi-solid consistency of a khichdi.

You can eat with some ghee (clarified butter).Ingredients-hara-matar-ki-khichdi khichdi-Cooked-hara-matar-paste